Lina Ismail

Strategic Advisor

Lina has been instrumental in transforming business models and defining the strategic direction for growth throughout her career as a senior executive in fintech. She has led the creation of new lines of business, set the direction for innovation and led the launch of new products and services in markets across Canada, the US and Europe. A champion of innovation and business transformation, she’s advocated and actively partnered with startups, accelerators, incubators and VCs to deliver on transformation strategies. She’s been passionate about strengthening the technology ecosystem globally and across multiple verticals such as fintech, prop tech and retail and has contributed her time in an advisory capacity.

Lina is currently a Managing Partner with thinki3, a consulting and advisory company and is working with technology companies from early stage growth to corporate enterprises on their digital transformation strategies, growth blueprints and operating model optimization. Lina is also the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Optimiz, an IT Operations product and services company focused on delivering monitoring solutions to improve the performance of digital applications.

Previously, Lina has led Innovation, Product Development, Marketing, Business Development and Account Management for prominent global fintech companies. For over 16 years she’s defined the vision and the strategic direction across the enterprise, driving the expansion of the business across markets in Canada, US and Europe, and having the pleasure of leading diverse teams globally. She has always been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusivity in technology and financial services and has contributed her time to organizations with this mandate.